Stocking Stuffers...

We're reaching the final hour as far as Christmas shopping is concerned. Often, the stockings are the last thought, but to me, stockings are the most fun to fill. Here are some ideas you can buy wherever you live. For manly things, grab some beard oil, cologne, pocket squares or ties at your local men's shop. And bar items are always a hit. I personally love these bourbon cocktail cherries by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Treats are another quick and easy stocking stuffer. I'm a bit obsessed with these Duck Fat Caramels and Champagne filled Bubbles... Always support your local chocolate maker and if you gift this Santa Salt by Beautiful Briny Sea, you will be appreciated. 

We all love bath and body products. Kiss My Grits lip scrub is one of my favorite finds this year, as is Lip2Cheek which I've been an avid fan of ever since I spied it at Fig & Flower in Atlanta. Soap! Everyone loves good smelling soap and it's everywhere. For something different, try this loofah soap by Revive Bath + Body. Organic skincare is important so I encourage you to buy HollyBeth Organics, one of a handful of artisans in the US whose entire line is USDA organic. Her face and neck elixir is my only skincare must have. And jewelry is one of the best gifts to receive. These options come via Asha Patel, Melting Sun Apparel, Form & Function and Luna Litka. 

Your local bookstore or stationery shop has endless options for stocking stuffers. I'll always love to receive a pack of playing cards (especially ones as pretty as these by Karla Pruitt), or a set of everyday notecards, like the Flower Pow cards by Dallas artist, Rob Wilson...then there's always washi tape, pom pom keychains or a rolled up art print, like this one via Old Try. And small and stylish notebooks will be a hit, these via The Small Object, Rifle Paper and A Sensible Habit. 

And then of course, are the no fail stocking stuffers. These are gifts everyone should love, like lottery tickets, gift cards, mini liquor bottles or just cold hard cash. I know many of us would love a candle or an on-the-go iPhone charger. And a puppy. Everyone loves a puppy.