Jewel Tones

I try not to hate anything in life but I can't help it, I hate the winter. I hate cold, gray days. There's no color and it's not fun to be I'm finding solace in colorful pics such as these. I like the idea of jewel toned decor. It's pretty, shimmery and luxurious. Plus, it helps me think of brighter days...

Silver, gold, amethyst, sapphire, emerald green, ruby... pick your favorite saturated color to add something bold and decadent to a space. Or better yet, combine them, as seen in many of these rooms. Jewel toned colors represent the sea, the sky, the fields and flowers and elicit a deeper emotion than any white room ever could. 


Images: henry bourne;;; Design Sponge;;; mademoisellebagatelles; fengshuidana