Emily Blincoe

I love a good photograph. And knowing how hard it can be to shoot a good photograph- an image that works and gets your eye to travel in the right direction, I have nothing but respect and admiration for artist, Emily Blincoe of Austin, Texas. 

Emily's wildly popular arrangement photos showcase various collections of food, accessories and mother nature. Colors, shapes, textures, lighting and spacing all play an important role in creating just the right photograph to elicit an emotional connection to each finished piece.

I particularly love Emily's Sugar Series that is a collection of retro and contemporary candies. It takes me back to when I used to buy penny candies as a kid and arrange them according to my favorites. Emily loves the immediacy of shooting digital and tries to instill a bit of her nostalgic, humorous point of view into each image.  

Check out Emily's site and Instagram to see all of her impressive creations, which include some really fun portraits and commission work for Converse, Target and Warby Parker. Plus, find many of these photographs featured here, in print form, starting at just $15 each. Emily hopes to raise enough money to take a year long trip across the US documenting inspiring places and things- like farms and pancakes. 


Photos: Emily Blincoe     Content: Sweet Peach