Plenty Design Co-Op

Plenty Design Co-Op has a cool aesthetic. The furniture pieces crafted by Andrew Thomson and Jared Fulton of Birmingham, Alabama, are modern and minimal with a smidge of quirky...

Being resourceful is an important value to the Co-op team. Much of the wood used by Andrew and Jared is sourced as scraps from other projects. This scrap oak wood became a desk lamp, and the lamp itself was inspired by Japanese joinery. No need for glue or fasteners - gotta love that. 

The clean, colorful pencil trays make organizing stylish, while the Right Angle tray looks great by itself or paired with another to create a full rectangle. I like the idea of any of these trays hung on the wall for eye pleasing shapes and shelving. 

The legs on this floor lamp are tapered at 10 degrees to create a sturdier base without using extra materials. As stated on their site, "Little waste occurs due to the trapezoid shape's repeated nature." I personally love the red accents in the legs as well as the red cloth cord...

Andrew and Jared are currently working to create their own online shop to showcase all their beautifully made creations. In the meantime, contact them here for any inquiries or to request your own custom conversation piece. 


Photos: Plenty Design Coop; Hilary Duke     Content: Sweet Peach