Get Your Paper!

They have arrived. 10,000 newspapers on my front porch. I will be dispersing this Atlanta map and guide (Illustrated by Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object) over the next 5 days around the city. They are currently available at 3 Parks, Gunshow,        H.Harper Station and after 9am this morning, Friday June 6, Octane Coffee/The Little Tart Bakeshop in Grant Park. Tomorrow, Saturday June 7, I will drop off more papers at shops featured throughout the Westside Provisions District as well as a few others. Follow my social media for updates.

Click here to download some fantastic discounts offered online or in store by selected Sweet Spots as well as a PDF of the entire paper including the full Atlanta map and guide, which is perfect for those about to visit the city. These PDF's work well on your mobile phone and tablet as well. For a quick reference, you can access any feature of the Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper by clicking on the newspaper image in the left sidebar of this blog. Please share the paper, get out and explore Atlanta and don't forget to Instagram your personal favorite Sweet Spots. Enjoy!