Muncle Fred Art

Every Mother's Day I try to come up with a new idea of what to get my mom. Fresh flowers are often the easy choice but they lack originality. So when I set my eyes on the lovely felted flower creations by Muncle Fred Art of Atlanta, I was a happy daughter...

These felted flower bouquets are about as sweet and original as they come. Kayla Stagnaro is the creative brain behind the scenes and she works tirelessly to craft an array of flower choices and color palettes for her customers. 

What I especially love is how creative she is with the display. Kayla, "I am able to offer a flower shop set up that allows people to pick the style and colors of each flower." I think of this as pretty genius...

Kayla sells individual stems but has a strong passion for creating beautiful bouquets for weddings and various events. Brides can pick out individual flowers to go with their theme- which would be amazing for the gal who loves to craft herself or is one to celebrate the arts. Plus, I'm now loving the idea of sending a small bouquet wrapped in her brown paper to friends and family. It's a gift to last and is just this great bundle of joy and creativity. 

As Kayla shared, "I love working with my hands and creating something I know will last in people's homes. I like to think that these felt flowers serve more than a purpose of beauty- they also serve as a symbol of memories, friendship or love when given as a gift."

If you're in and around Atlanta this weekend, you can find Kayla selling her flowers at Serenbe's May Day celebration or both Crafted Westside and Young Blood carry her work. Plus, find lots of bouquet options in her Etsy shop. And Happy Mother's Day shopping...may it be fun, inspiring and if you're lucky, original. 


Photos: Muncle Fred Art, Instagram      Content: Sweet Peach