Dolan Geiman

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Dolan Geiman has lived and breathed art every day of his life. A hightly sought after artist, Dolan was trained by his mom- a watercolorist, and his father- a storyteller and teacher who worked for the USDA Forest Service. 

Dolan's portfoloio is extensive and impressive to say the least. His artwork has evolved from a folk art tradition, using mediums such as painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and assemblege. My personal favorites are his mixed media pieces, that shed light into his love for the wild landscapes of his youth, along with the fading Appalachian culture. 

The majority of the materials he sources are from the South. Dolan finds beauty in salvaged wood and found objects, which includes anything from old engine parts and vintage outdoors magazines to trashed signage and hardware. Combined, they create striking original pieces that are in high demand. 

Dolan began making these silhouette wood cut outs in the summer of 2008, which were received with much fanfare and publicity. I can see why, I want this deer in my home very badly...


Over the years, Dolan has refined his craft and uses visualization to capture his ideas, bypassing sketching all together. This allows him more time to devote to each piece in his workshop and create such a large collection of cool creations. Learn more about Dolan and his incredible handiwork, here. 


Photos: Dolan Geiman       Content: Sweet Peach