Huckleberry Gentry

I think it'd be fun to be a man. You'd get to wear things like pocket squares and cuff links, or lapel this one via Huckleberry Gentry.

Kristen Bamford of Atlanta started Huckleberry Gentry with the intent of bringing something fresh and new to the everyday gentleman's wardrobe. Kristen, "A person's choice of clothing and accessories can make a profound statement about who he is or a special cause he supports. We are a vehicle for that influence and self expression and want to make that fun and special for people." 

Kristen has created something new and original in the market- a fabric boutonniere with a nickel clip. This magnetic clip allows its wearer to attach the fabric boutonniere to any type of shirt of jacket, whether it has a button hole or not.  

As spring has sprung, I think it's a good time for men to experiment with some new fashion accessories. Kristen, "Today's southern gent is both modern and traditional. He prefers quality and long lasting products. He has the ability to be both rugged and refined. He stands for something. Our boutonnieres balance these qualities and help him make his own statement in a tasteful and exciting way." Like I said, it'd be fun to be a man...


Photos: Huckleberry Gentry       Content: Sweet Peach