A Sense of Place...

I have a few friends in California who wish I'd move back. They don't understand the allure of the South. It's hard to explain sometimes but it's just a feeling you get when you walk along a still, southern river at dusk, hear the spring peepers call out in the forest denoting the change of season- or getting lost on all the dirt roads, finding remnants of years past. I guess it's the stillness I like... all the rich character (and characters) that inhabit the land here, every one with a story to tell. There's something very soulful about a sense of place.

Originally from Roanoke, Virginia, Julia Lynn now resides in Charleston, South Carolina, where she tells the tales of the South through her gorgeous photography. I found her first through perusing her home interior photographs and then, as a nature lover, I discovered her outdoor work that captures the feel of the South, specifically the Low Country where she calls home. 

A successful photograph, to me, is one that tells a story- it captures a scene and our imagination, all by clicking at the exact right split second of time. Julia, "Each photo should tell a complete story, like a movie in a single frame." 

Julia admits she likes to photograph places that feel forgotten, that fade away with time. As she has that documentary bone in her body, she's attracted to the story that lies within. This photograph engages because of the perfect composition, the various straight lines- it draws us in and makes us wonder too, what was?

I've had the pleasure of doing some tv work (and a fair share of lounging) on Little St Simon's Island in south Georgia and I miss that island every day I'm not on it. This last photograph reminds me of my favorite piece of the world. That place where I can wake up early, not hear a soul, begin to feel the hot, stickiness of a southern summer day. It's just me, surrounded by marshes and island critters who wake up with a bout of energy and relaxed activity before settling in for the heat of midday. They, like I, find peace in the stillness.

Learn more about the lovely work of Julia Lynn, here. 

Photos: Julia Lynn       Content: Sweet Peach