Sweet Peach Contributor, Matt Weaver

I'm a bit overjoyed today to introduce my first official contributor to Sweet Peach, Matt Weaver. You may know Matt from his company, Andover Trask, where he sells impeccably stylish canvas and leather bags. I've been a fan of Matt's ever since I met him at my Sweet Peach Revival last year. His modern, beautifully constructed pieces and tailored, clean style has made him an artist to watch. 

Lucky for us, Matt will contribute twice a month to Sweet Peach on stories ranging from fashion, food & drink to American craftsmanship and artistry. He's got a whole list of attributes including infallible taste, a meticulous work ethic, an insatiable curiosity about American design and architecture, (he even draws beautifully) plus he carries a true love of the South. Matt grew up in Rome, Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta. To learn a bit more about Matt and see a peek into his lovely home, shot by the talented Buffy Dekmar, click here. And welcome to Sweet Peach, Matt! It's official...


Photos: Buffy Dekmar     Content: Sweet Peach