Ruthie Lindsey

Once again, Instagram is my portal into the world of beautiful, inspiring artists. Perusing Local Milk's instagram posts yesterday, I stumbled upon Ruthie Lindsey Design. Perhaps I'm a bit late to the party but at least I made it. Ruthie has been a designer in demand for quite some time, residing in East Nashville and living and breathing all things aesthetically pleasing. 

Once I found Ruthie's site and blog, I spent a bit of time reading her story. It's haunting and beautiful, deeply sad yet deeply hopeful. She's an incredible spirit and although I do not know Ruthie, I feel connected and inspired. It's amazing what journeys we all go on and if we can find a way to stay the course, through the deep pains and struggles, love still has the power to catch us, to save us and surprise us. 

Through her own struggles, Ruthie discovered she was an artist. After experiencing the loss of her father, being bedridden from surgery and dealing with years of pain, she was ready to do more. She suddenly felt a passion to make her home beautiful and personal and through her budget finds and natural eye for great design, her home became all that she envisioned. And more- as soon thereafter friends and friends of friends wanted her help in designing their own rooms and outdoor spaces. Her interior design career began and many took notice, including Taylor Swift, who shot the album art for RED at Ruthie's house. 

The great part is, after reading Ruthie's story, is seeing all the love and support she has surrounding her. In finding her passion, Ruthie shares through her instagram and blog, some amazing pictures that exude so much joy and creativity. I love it. Especially this incredible backyard party she had that is now getting my ass in gear to create my own porch party sometime this year. I've been thinking of it for years now and as Ruthie says, "just get up and go do life." What am I waiting for? 

So, I hope this post makes you curious enough to check out Ruthie's work and daily musings and finds. Besides her interior decorating services, she also does wardrobe styling, set styling and flower arranging. So much creativity has erupted from her being. This past year she has seen life from a whole new angle and as she shared, "I'm experiencing beauty spilling out of brokenness everywhere I turn." Thanks for the inspiration Ruthie. I'm excited to be your new Instragram follower... 


Photos:; Sarah Dobbins;  Beth Kirby       Content: Sweet Peach