Nice Laundry

Last year, Ricky Choi & Phil Moldavski of Washington DC started a Kickstarter campaign that was successful beyond their wildest dreams. In search of 30k, they received 119k in support funds to start their stylish men's sock line, Nice Laundry

Old, boring, mismatched. These are words that describe a typical man's sock drawer and the reasons behind Phil and Ricky's decision to quit their day jobs and take a stab at filling a need in menswear.

The nice part about Nice Laundry is two fold. First, they offer six pairs of well made, stylish socks for the price of one pair of luxury socks (6 for $39). Secondly, they want you to send them your old socks so they can recycle them into home insulation and dog beds - or repurposed for various industries. That's nice. 

Then of course, they designed the socks to be anything but your standard black and gray. Each Nice Laundry pair has a little to a lot of color and swag. All the socks are offered in complementary six packs with names like Exec, Ladies Man and Wild Child. 

So, like I tell my brother-in-law, (who is forever proud of his boring socks) men need to throw out the old socks and bring in the new with a bit of color and character. It's so needed. And besides, girls love it.  

Check out Nice Laundry's site here and pick your favorites...


Photos: Nice Laundry site' shot of Phil and Ricky:Washington Post     Content: Sweet Peach