Asha Patel Designs

On Sweet Peach, I shy away from any type of women's fashion, including jewelry. It's not where I choose to focus and besides, I've never been all that inspired to do so. But when I met Asha Patel of Asha Patel Designs, I found myself in awe of her jewelry. I loved the stones she picked, the pretty simplicity, as well as the symbolism. The pieces also felt very unique. So, it's safe to say, I've been inspired...


Perhaps Asha's pieces feel so unique as her background is equally so. She was born in London to Indian parents and now resides in Marietta, Georgia. Her inspirations are many and her experiences vast, yet through following her passion, she has found a style all her own that blends both eastern and western influences. 

Asha's pieces are rooted in tradition yet have a modern feel. The stones and shapes she chooses all have a meaning- whether it's protection or wealth, peace or courage. This piece above is a hand knotted lapis lazuli mala. As shared on her site, "Lapis lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It encourages taking charge of life and allows self expression without holding back." 


One of my favorite pieces of Asha's is the Saraswati tusk pendant on a wire wrapped green onyx necklace. This is a good necklace to soothe fears and worry, providing positivity in times of stress. Top left you'll find the intertwined labradorite, which is a stone of magic and a crystal of shamans, diviners and healers, while the Moonstone Tusk is known as the lovers stone, providing hope, balance, love, fertility. 

As if her necklaces weren't enough to lust over, her line includes bracelets too. Each leather wrapped bracelet is adorned with stones that have a vitality and meaning all their own. Plus, they look amazing stacked together. 

Asha's work has gained impressive attention and has been featured in magazines like People, Redbook, Seventeen, Jezebel and Allure. See the entirety of her lovely collection, here. And I think you need to bookmark her site as they are pieces to aspire to and pieces that would make an amazing gift. If, the inspiration strikes...


Photos: Asha Patel Designs; Sing Photography     Content: Sweet Peach