Over the holiday break, I spent as much time relaxing as I could, which included Instagramming, of course. One company that caught my eye in one of the pics was Soberdough of Nashville, Tennessee...

Veronica Hawbaker has loved to cook for as long as she can remember. As she shared, "I love experimenting and mixing flavors to find something that is totally unique and delicious." With an entrepreneurial spirit and a son who was eager to delve into the business world, the pair teamed up to create a unique product that has quite the universal appeal- beer bread. 

The best part is how simple it is. You take their beer bread mix, add a bottle of your favorite beer to it and bake it. That's it. As so many craft beers have unique flavors- from dark porters to pale ales, as well as specialty components like basil, blueberry or pecan, you can vary the bread taste to your liking. Sounds fun to me.

The beer breads are based on a family recipe of Veronica's. After lots of trial and error, she has taken that recipe and perfected six different breads, including a flavor of the month (this month is Cranberry Orange). 

Veronica and Jordan have also taken some time to share a few combination suggestions on their site. A pale ale goes well with the Rosemary bread, Cinnful Raisin is excellent with a dark porter or a Belgian ale, while their Pumpkin Spice bread pairs quite beautifully with any pumpkin or brown ale. Yum. I think I need to buy a sampler pack and try it all. Check it out for yourself, here. And Happy Weekend everyone...


Photos: Soberdough site    Content: Sweet Peach