IceMilk Aprons

Much of the handcrafted movement is inspired by a need to make things with meaning and staying power, able to be passed down generation to generation. Add to that high quality and a feeling of nostalgia and you'd be describing all the reasons Ashley Leckey Schoenith created IceMilk Aprons. 

Inspired by her grandmother, Ashley, born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, has created a stylish gourmet line of heirloom aprons in both full or waist size. I love that she made the aprons classy and sophisticated, like many of my favorite Southern women. 

Now residing in Atlanta, Ashley is proud of her Southern roots and even more proud to honor her grandmother who, besides being a masterful seamstress and entertainer, at one time produced a line of luxury gentlemen's ties. A good eye for classic, timeless design appears to run in the family...

These aprons are a great go-to gift as they have that unique style you want in a present. Ashley offers adorable child versions as well and all her aprons can be monogrammed. Plus, each apron is packaged inside a glass preserves jar or kraft bag. It's an apron to use, to love- to be passed on, generation to generation.

Learn more about IceMilk Aprons here. 


Photos: Ice Milk Aprons        Content: Sweet Peach