Cat Studio

Delving into various retail over the years, Terrell and Carmel Swan of Cat Studio have found their niche in hand embroidered maps. I particularly love their playful and colorful pillows, which depict all 50 states, plus various cities, regions, national parks and countries around the globe. I'm privy to the Southern locales myself...

Terrell (who grew up in Texas and Mississippi) and Carmel (from Hawaii), found inspiration for their designs from vintage souvenir pillows of the 30's and 40's. Plus, they have a combined love for travel and endless curiosity of the world around us. 

Each pillow is hand embroidered and can take a full week to create. I really love each of these as they are amazing conversation starters to add to your couch, chair or bed and also serve as a reminder of the places you love, or hope to visit. See all of Cat Studio's cozy and fun creations, here.


Photos: Cat Studio     Content: Sweet Peach