Himalayan Trading Post

A couple days ago, I finally made it over to Himalayan Trading Post in Decatur, Georgia. They make incredible candles in some beautiful, reusable vessels and containers. I've known about the owner, Julia Leaphart for the past year and have been looking forward to meeting her in person....

As her candles are now sold in over 1200 stores nationwide, you may have seen them before. All the reusable containers come via India, where Julia grew up. (She's half English/half Indian) Now residing here in Georgia, she began the line as a way of reconnecting to her roots. 

It all began back in 2004 when Julia bought some wax and a book on candlemaking. She poured the wax in traditional wooden containers from India, like this one above, and sold them at a local Atlanta antique market. The candles sold out almost immediately. No one was doing what she just did. Most candles, up until then, weren't made in anything other than a glass container. She had found her niche. 

From making candles in her kitchen to an ever growing factory in Decatur, Julia is encouraged by all the support and enthusiasm surrounding her unique candles. She now works with half a dozen small manufacturers in India to constantly create new and interesting containers- like her version of an old spice pot or antique powder puff. 

All of the candles are hand poured in small batches. She just recently increased the fragrance oil to wax ratio to 9%, which increases the aromatic experience. I didn't realize that the fragrance oil is the most expensive part of the equation, but I also hadn't really though about it before...

Julia also has the fun job of coming up with new incredible aromas. My personal favorites are the Bourbon Vanilla, Campfire and the Mistletoe -which smells just like Christmas. For the autumn, Julia recommends Cinnamon Tree, Mountain Forest or her best seller, Ginger Patchouli. The great thing is, there is no bad decision. This is my new favorite hostess gift...love, love, love. See more of her scrumptious candles, here. 


Photos: Himalayan Trading Post, Sweet Peach       Content: Sweet Peach