B. Inspired: The Love Table

On my last visit with Bryce, I found him one morning in his workshop alley with a bunch of wood and some tools. No surprise there. He was working on a new table to be sold at his Hermosa Beach shop, Curious. The table, as he shared, would be "distressed and loved." 

Bryce showed me his version of how to distress a table. You can use anything and everything, as he demonstrated with a chisel, large holed drill bit and galvanized steel pipe from his workshop. He made little marks, indents, bruises...

When Bryce makes furniture, he has this habit of carving out one word using a hammer and screwdriver. Sometimes he tells the person who buys it, sometimes he keeps it a secret, so they can discover it on their own. For this table he chose the word Love. And perhaps my favorite lesson Bryce has taught me is that you don't ever have to be perfect. If you don't make beautfiully carved letters, who cares? It's the intention behind it that counts and besides, the imperfections are the good stuff.  

Next, he added a coat of Briwax in dark brown.   

After waiting a bit, Bryce then distressed the table even further by scraping off some of the Briwax. And the love came shining through.... Thanks for the inspiration Bryce!


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach