B. Inspired: Mix & Match Tabletop

Time in Hermosa Beach means time spent with Bryce, my old neighbor and lifetime friend. I'm heading back home to Atlanta today with great memories of my short vacation here. Bryce is a constant inspiration who keeps me laughing and active- as he has more energy than 4 people combined. His latest creation in his backyard workshop came via a mix match of hardwood flooring, stained and unstained that was given to him by a neighbor. What to do with it? It took him a sec, then he got to work...

Bryce found this old parlor table base for $5 at Habitat for Humanity. He spray painted it red and then organized his mix and match pieces of flooring.   

In a traditional table, the grain of wood would run in the same way. Bryce did the opposite, mixing the direction of grain as he arranged and put the pieces together like a puzzle.  

To enhance the patchwork look, Bryce sanded and rounded the edges of each piece so you can feel the difference between the cuts. Lastly, he added a clear coat....

...then attached the tabletop to the base using wood screws. 

With the leftover stained wood, Bryce made this two-top table for his kitchen. It just took him a couple hours total. Impressive as always...and inspiring. Thanks Bryce. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach