Megan Hurdle

Using a variety of pigments, such as gauche, acrylics, oil pastels and chalk, Memphis artist Megan Hurdle creates colorful and engaging mixed media pieces on paper.

Megan's signature pieces have been her skulls, which explore the masculine side- but she's delved into dresses and costume paintings as of late, shedding light on the feminine. 

Megan, "Ever since I was a young girl, painting till 4am in my grandmother's studio, I've seen the world a little differently. It has granted a perspective that has driven me to create things that elevate the mundane, make beautiful what many might see as ugly and connect, if only for a moment, with the raw, the real, the remarkable." See all of Megan's current works here....& enjoy your weekend everyone!   


Photos: Christen Jones    Content: Sweet Peach