David Knox

For the past twenty years, photographer David Knox has grabbed his Polaroid Land camera and a digital camera, hopped in his car and traveled on back roads throughout the Southeast- all in search of a narrative to help define the Southern experience.

David, "In my photography the past resides in the present in many forms- land, crops, architecture and people. I seek out those images that harbor these ghosts and acting as icons, deliver a modern interpretation of such themes as religion, home, loss, ritual, birth and death." 

David has found a style he likes utilizing printing processes from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. David, "I mount the final archival pigment prints onto metal plates and treat them with varnish and stain, often sealing them under glass." 

See the stunning and inspirational work of David Knox on his site or at the Sweet Peach Revival this weekend


Photos: David Knox     Content: Sweet Peach