Garden Party, Part 2

I'm happy to report that our first Garden Party was a sweet success...

Our prep, which I covered in yesterday's post, also included us placing Beth's colorful tissue flowers in HollyBeth's frontyard trees. We also dangled some pretty paper flowers from the driveway trees...all leading our Garden Party guests to the backyard.

We mixed tables and chairs and adorned most of the tables with a white tablecloth...

Then we mixed and matched all of our favorite new and vintage dishware. 

Beth finished making our two sided napkins that morning, which was perhaps my favorite touch of the day. HollyBeth diligently placed flower clippings from her beautiful yard atop the tables...It was a Garden Party afterall. 

And then of course was the cocktail. We wanted it to be something from the garden so we used some lavender blossoms to make the simple syrup, then added that to vodka, champagne and soda water. Mint ice cubes too. Ridiculous. I think it's my new favorite drink.

I made the cucumber gazpacho- a recipe my friend Vanessa shared from her favorite cookbook, Plenty. It's a really great soup as the dish has a lot of layers to it. I made it the second time with twice as many jalapenos for a bit more of a kick. We topped each cup with some edible flowers I found at the Grant Park Farmer's Market- provided by Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet.

HollyBeth made her perfect Southern Drop Biscuits. They were a mix of herbs from the garden, like Thyme and Lavender, Sour Cream with Rosemary and Mint. I could eat these all day long, which I actually did. 

Beth was in charge of dessert and she blew us away with an incredible Georgia Peach Sorbet with fresh mint and a dab of honey. So good...

I think it's fair to say, a good time was had by all. I certainly enjoyed every moment of it. It was fun for Beth, HollyBeth and I to say thank you to some of the people that have helped us and inspired us over the years. 

Near the end of the party, I passed out the Peach Butters we had made previously. (FYI- If you sign up for our Sweet Peach Revival Bourbon, Bacon & Biscuit Brunch, you'll get our homemade Bourbon Peach Butter free!) 

A big thanks to Beth and HollyBeth for all your hard work and patience and care in bringing this together. Let's do another one! 


Photos: Sweet Peach, Stefanie Carter      Content: Sweet Peach