It's a success story heard time and time again. A person is inspired to make something and does a little research. The product is made and turns out to be pretty good, much better than what's in stores. The product is then shared with friends. The friends like them. The person makes more product. Then someone says, "I want to order your product, how much is it?" And, there you have it, a business is born. 

Nathan and Jenn Clark of Orlando, Florida are retelling that same story every day. Together, they craft marshmallows that are high in flavor with minimal ingredients. Their Guinness mallows rolled in pretzel or Bourbon mallows made with Maker's Mark are easy favorites. Especially for manly men...

The best part is each and every marshmallow at Wondermade is handmade. Nathan, "When things are machine made, the human touch is focused on rooting out defects. When things are handcrafted, the human touch is directing a product towards perfection. That's a really huge difference." See their site here for more scrumptious flavors or buy their 4 box gift set for Father's Day, which includes Bourbon, Beer, Maple Bacon and Coffee mallows for just $25, here. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach