Andover Trask

Matt Weaver has a passion to design. He started with crafting stylish bow ties but soon became inspired by the art of bag making. I am forever grateful for that inspiration...

Matt knew where he wanted to begin, "My goal was to start with one bag that was functional, durable, sustainable but also stylish and appealing to both men and women. I felt like a tote met all of those criteria so it was a natural starting point." 

Matt, "The body of my Standard Bag is made from two pieces of heavy canvas and cotton webbing and twill tape. Once the bottom has been assembled, I cut the leather straps, punch rivet holes and attach the handles with eight rivets." He does all this from his Atlanta home while watching NPR and TED talks- a guy after my own heart.  

After finding success and satistfaction with the tote, Matt expanded his line with the Utility Brief. As his bag line comes from a deep passion to celebrate American design and craftsmanship, Matt was adamant to source his materials from right here in the USA. Matt, "My canvas comes from Fairfield Textile in New Jersey, which is one of the oldest (and only remaining) manufacturers in the country." His leather and twill tape is sourced here in Georgia.  

Matt and his beautifully made bags will be at the Sweet Peach Revival next Friday night. They will be for sale at Belly throughout the weekend and Matt has also been generous enough to offer a Utility bag for our 9pm auction. Have you signed up for our Friday night grand opening yet? I hope so...if not, just click here.


Photos: Andover Trask      Content: Sweet Peach