These Are Things

Whenever my guy friends are looking for art for their home or office, I always send them a ton of links in hopes that just one artist catches their eye. Recently I found a new shop to add to my ever growing list, called These are Things. 

Jen Adrian and Omar Noory in Brooklyn have teamed up to create stylish art prints for every state. Of course these aren't just for the men, but these prints are a quick and easy way to add a bit of unique style to a guy's space. As they share, they "design for adventurers, travelers and dreamers."

As shared on their site, "Using simple forms, vintage textures and a touch of humor, we bring complex data and concepts to life through our signature crooked style."

Find all the lovely Southern states here. And if you have some time, peruse Jen & Omar's site to see their city Neighborhood maps, World maps and greeting cards.


Photos: These are Things      Content: Sweet Peach