Sarah Tuttle

Sarah Tuttle is an interior designer. She loves her career and she loves where she lives...I can see why. Her gorgeous 775 square foot apartment in Washington DC is homey and smart, alive and engaging. 

Sarah is a big believer in shopping vintage, creating artwork yourself and being a little risky in your choices from time to time. As she shared, "If you make a mistake, you're not stuck with it. Sell it on Ebay or Craigslist." 

I love the slightest shade of blue on the walls, complemented with a pop of pink here and there. Her cat, Oscar, is quite content on his stylish perch...

Sarah tends to keep the main pieces in her home a neutral color, allowing the personality to shine through the accessories, artwork and paint choices.  

Sarah's kitchen makes a statement with her bold choice of navy paint. This allows the standard white cabinetry to no longer be boring or outdated. For a more in depth post on Sarah's space, including some great design tips, check out the ivillage story which inspired today's post, here.


Photos: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg     Content: Sweet Peach