Hari Mari

I like the idea of embracing some bold color this summer. And one of the easiest ways for a manly man to do so is with a pair of flip flops from Hari Mari.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the Hari Mari flops deliver on both style and comfort. The straps are made with dual colors and even if you opt for the more subdued gray, you can get a bright orange stripe along the bottom. I love that. 

All Hari Mari flops are made with recycled rubber and foam and the toe posts, which are made from memory foam, are super cozy and easy to break in. So, these flops are made well and they're made responsibly. Even better- if you send in your old flip flops, no matter the brand, they will recycle them to keep them out of landfills. Plus you get 15% off a new pair of Hari Mari flip flops. Done. And done. 

I love the idea of some colorful, durable flops this summer as I wear my standard black flops until they are practically falling apart. These are built to last, plus they provide your feet with some fun for once. Peruse the entire Hari Mari shop here.


Photos: Hari Mari       Content: Sweet Peach