The Doughssant

Introducing the Doughssant, a cross between a doughnut and a croissant and the answer to NYC baker, Dominique Ansel's wildly popular and original version, the Cronut. The Cronut has become so in demand, Dominique had the name trademarked. 

Cronut Mania has created lines that stretch out the door and into the street at Dominique's popular Manhattan bakery. These inventive pastries often sell out less than an hour after the doors open.   

Atlanta resident, Cristy Lenz, brought the Cronut to the attention of her favorite baker, (and mine too) Ms. Maggie Sweeney of Cake Hag. She thought if anyone could make the Cronut taste as delicious as it does up north, it's Maggie. Lucky for the both of us, Maggie was up to the challenge. 

It took Maggie three hours to skillfully craft over 50 layers of croissant dough. This extra time and effort was well worth it in the end. As Maggie shared, "The layers are deliciousness." After the croissant dough was ready, she popped the doughnuts into a deep fryer to brown. 

Next, she topped them with brown sugar...

Then filled them with vanilla bean pastry cream. Kill me with goodness... but wait, there was one more step. 

Maggie's final touch was a dollop of homemade brandied peach puree. Her sweet, southern version is the answer to the northern Cronut...she calls it the Doughssant. 

If you would like the southern made Doughssant, you can order them in batches of 15-18 in various flavors. Contact Maggie here. Just please prepare yourself, there's no way you can eat just one...


Photos: Sweet Peach. Cronut pics: Dominique Ansel Bakery    Content: Sweet Peach