Dude, Sweet Chocolate

A fan of well made chocolate and great design, I'm under the spell of Dallas, Texas shop, Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Chocolatier, Katherine Clapner has the sweet job of conjuring up new flavors and concepts for her award winning concoctions, which have become wildly popular in her Oak Cliff neighborhood and beyond...

Having studied at the Culinary Institute of America in NYC, Katherine worked for 20 years as a pastry chef before venturing out on her own to sell her handmade chocolates- first at Farmer's Markets, then soon thereafter at her very own shop. She categorizes her chocolates in opposing taste profiles of 'dudes' and 'sweets.' 

This mouth watering creation is made of 65% Peruvian chocolate with pecans that are soaked in handcrafted Texan Stingray rum, blackstrap molasses and vanilla bean. 

Chubby Nuts are a highly addictive snack made with whole hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia and soy which are tossed in egg whites, powdered sugar, sea salt and candied in the oven. Then...rolled in white chocolate and finished with 72% South American dark chocolate and powdered sugar. I think I need Chubby Nuts in my life. 

Her packaging is amazing. Katherine, "All our products are housed in kraft and/or apothecary bottles with brown stickers. No ribbons and no bows." That's my kind of packaging. I really love her gift sets, which any lover of chocolate would be thrilled to receive. Her bottled inventions include Tequila Chocolate Sauce, Bourbon Chocolate Sauce, Vodka & Coffee Chocolate Sauce....yum. See all her gift options here.

Katherine's incredible flavor combinations and skilled hand have made her a chocolatier to be reckoned with. As Katherine shares, "I believe I have just begun to scratch the surface of what the possibilities are and look forward to the journey it takes me on. I believe I never will finish and am happy about that." Us too...


Photos: Manny Rodriguez    Content: Sweet Peach