Folk Fibers

After much delay, I finally purchased a new sofa via k2 Studio in Asheville. And now that I have this nice, cozy sofa, I realize how bad I could use a good blanket. A talented artist in Austin, Texas seems to know all about good blankets. In fact, I'd say her blankets aren't just good...they're exceptional. 

Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers is the thoughtful, creative artist behind these beautifully made quilts. Each and every stitch is done by hand...

Maura has a true love for the craft. As she shares, "The art of hand quilting does take more time, but the results are greater and more valuable than a manufactured quilt. " If she has a large order, she relies on other quilters or sewers in the Austin community to lend a skilled hand. 

Another aspect to truly love about Maura's process is that she organically grows, forages and harvests all her natural dyes in and around Austin. This includes indigo, cochineal, walnut hulls and onion skins. As she shares, "I patchwork my dyed fabric with other fabrics, both vintage and new. I am faithful to using 100% natural fibers; they feel better and live longer." 

Maura creates lovely pillows as well that are hand dyed with natural dyes and include a feather/down insert. 

It's nice to see Americana quilts handmade with so much care and attention. These truly are heirlooms that can be passed down, generation to generation. Learn more about Maura and Folk Fibers, here. 


Photos: Folk Fibers      Content: Sweet Peach