Antlers, prettified

If you're a Sweet Peach fan, you know I follow Jenny and Cody of Cast & Crew in West Texas. They always seem to curate the coolest stuff from the 50's, 60's and 70's. As they say, "We are quite simply a couple with a craze to find and resurrect pieces of the past." 

Their latest venture are custom deer antlers. Last year, the pair came upon several crates of old antlers from a longtime hunter and saw an opportunity to craft a unique and stylized product for their shop. Inspired by the graffiti knitting craze, Jenny meticulously wraps the antlers with various shades of yarn.

The antlers are then flush mounted on an arrow wall plaque made in either dark walnut or natural maple. The final product is both modern and playful. 

Have Jenny and Cody customize your own set of deer antlers here and click here to see their entire Etsy shop. 


Photos: Cast & Crew    Content: Sweet Peach