During my time overseas working on a tv gig, many of the crew guys grew beards or mustaches- just because it's fun and mixes things up a bit. It's just too bad they didn't have any product, as some of them could of used it.  

Beardition, a small company based in Nashville, would of been the perfect crew gift. The company founder, Mark Williams took a month to hike the Appalachian Trail last year and soon realized the need for a quality facial hair product as his growing scruff took on a life of its own. Back home in Tennessee, he teamed up with his designer friend, Kristin Schleihs to co-found the company and help make Beardition a reality. 

They've done a great job designing and marketing Beardition. It's for manly men who still care about good grooming. 

Beardition products are made from 100% natural products including organic aloe leaf extract, vitamin E, coconut oil, green tea ...with essences of cucumber and mint or bamboo. You can also use the Beard Shampoo and Conditioner atop your head too- so it's practical. I know most men like the sound of that...

Find the complete set of Beardition products here. And happy grooming...


Photos: Beardition      Content: Sweet Peach