The Smuggler's Belt

It's always fun to have a hidden anything...door, hideout, treasure box- which is what makes Barrett Alley's Smuggler's Belt so appealing. 

Barrett, of Dallas, Texas knows how to handcraft gorgeous leather products. For his latest endeavor, he created a belt with a hidden inner pocket that will stay closed while the belt is buckled, only revealing itselft when the belt is taken off.

The buckle is made of iron and is individually hand forged by a skilled American blacksmith. The leather is tanned only via vegetable elements and will darken beautifully with age. As stated on his site, "Barrett Alley meticulously cuts the leather to perfection and hand sews each belt in his Texas studio." 

It's a good gift for a guy. Not only is it a cool belt, it's got a hidden place to stash your stuff. Find yours here...


Photos: Barrett Alley        Content: Sweet Peach