Freaker USA

The team at Freaker USA, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, makes a product that claims to prevent moist handshakes and sweaty beverages. They've created drink insulators with style and swag. And that's not so easy to pull off...

This truly is a one size fits all type of koozie. Each Freak will cover a sippy cup all the way up to a 40 ouncer. They are machine washable and as they say, Made in the Freakin' USA.

Founder, Zach Crain (who you may have seen on Shark Tank) believes his freaker is a lifestyle brand, with each insulator created to fit into your own personal style in a laid back, cool way. Their marketing exudes this philosophy and they've done an incredible job communicating the message- koozies are cool.  

They have well over a dozen vibrant and stylish designs to choose from. It's actually hard to pick a favorite. 

What I love about Freaker USA is how they embrace their inner freak so well. How incredible is this shot? I don't do Christmas cards but if I did, this would be my inspiration. Love them. Get your freak on here. 


Photos: Freaker USA      Content: Sweet Peach