Mother's Day Gift Solution: HollyBeth Organics

The right Mother's Day gift can be hard to find. But after discovering HollyBeth Organics late last year, I feel I have the perfect go-to for all the moms in our life. HollyBeth Anderson handcrafts all manner of goodness for our skin and is the only USDA certified organic skin care line in all of Georgia. 

I've tried many of HollyBeth's products and every time I think I find a new favorite, I try something else and fall head over heels. They are all so scrumptious and good for you, I want them all, all the time. The Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream feels incredible on your skin, (currently soothing my sunburn) and works to moisturize and nourish dry lips, hands and feet- or wherever you need it most. 

The Marigold Bergamot Dry Oil works great to reduce oily skin and to calm and heal minor irritations. HollyBeth makes her foaming cleanser in both Chamomile and Marigold. These cleansers are gentle on the skin, hyperallergenic and 100% natural. The Camellia & Sunflower Face & Neck Elixir is one of my favorites. In all honesty, it feels a million times better than any face cream I've tried...

I'm a big fan of HollyBeth's best seller- the Eye Cream. It comes in a one ounce jar and will last your mom months and months (if not a whole year). This cream is so popular because it's rich in Vitamin E, (an antioxidant) Camellia oil, (UV protectant) and jojoba and sweet almond oils which moisturize and hydrate. Perfect combo. 

Peruse HollyBeth's site to decide which all natural skin care concoctions your mom would like best. You may remember I blogged about HollyBeth's Grits & Honey Scrub which is an excellent gift- but so is her Citrus All Over Cream which is highly effective in keeping away mosquito bites in the coming months. Why spray a chemical when you can have something all natural, good for your skin and sweet smelling? So many options...including a travel gift set. Peruse all the organic goodness here.



 Photos: Sweet Peach, HollyBeth Organics    Content: Sweet Peach