Antebellum Abode...

I have little time to put together a blog post today but wanted to share these photos from a Garden & Gun article I loved so much. John and Carolyn Malone have spent decades restoring four antebellum dwellings on their 55 acres of old cow pasture near Madison, Georgia. It's a farm they've named Summershade. All of the log cabins (circa 1840's) were purchased and hauled in from other southern states like Kentucky and Tennessee.  

It's been a labor of love reassembling these structures and restoring them to their current state.

Carolyn is an interior designer and brings her many skills to this decades long project. As shared in Garden & Gun by writer John Kessler, "She decorates Summershade with understatment, favoring the natural tone and gently warped surfaces of weather-stripped wood. There's not a shimmer of varnish anywhere in sight, much less an embroidered throw pillow." 

John crafts all manner of furniture for the four structures, like this rustic bed made from a tree he cut down on the farm. 

This dwelling is a small cabin from Appalachian Virginia that was attached to the main house by a breezeway. The open shelves, rustic lamps and sturdy bowls gives off a sense of utilitarianism, probably much like the cabin's first life. A fig vine found its way in through the roof and Carolyn let it have its way, as it adds a sweet, natural touch. 

It's too bad it's not a B&B, I'd sign up for a room tomorrow. Such lovely, inspiring work showcasing how passion and time, when brought together, can produce phenomenol results. 


Photos:  Emily Followill, Garden & Gun       Content: Sweet Peach