Succulent Bouquets

I'm a bit passionate about succulents. As I tend to travel a bit, I like their ease of care plus their various shapes and textures that look so pretty in pots or planted amongst pebbles or gravel. Which is why when deciding on a bouquet or flower arrangement, succulents are a stellar choice. 

What is great about incorporating succulents into a bouquet is not only are they a sweet surprise and available year round but after you're done with them, you can reroot them back into the soil. Sustainable and eye catching is a good combo... 

To incorporate succulents into a bouquet, here's a great how-to I found on Poppytalk from one of my favorite florists, Flora Grubb. 

Succulents add a modern touch to a bouquet. Many have dramatic silhouettes and range in color from the lightest green to the deepest purple. 

Repeat the same plant for a dramatic yet cohesive look, then add contrasting succulents for depth and texture. The fun part is picking flowers to complement your succulents. Light pinks and peaches look so pretty with the soft greens...

But don't be afraid to be daring with your flower choices. Because of their versatility, succulents pair just as easily with the softer flowers as they do with the bright, eye popping ones. Experiment and play, see what works. 

Good southern flowers and pods to incorporate into your bouquet can include cotton, fiddlehead ferns, pitcher plants, magnolias, gardenias, bluebonnets, calla lilies... the list goes on. 


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