The Bourbon Glass

As Southerners, we love our Bourbon and know where to buy our favorite bottle. Funny thing is finding the right bourbon glass can be a much tougher mission. As I am partial to the Bufala Negra cocktail, I particularly like the wide glasses. This well designed version by Schott Zwiesel has my vote... 

Crate and Barrel offers some good rock glass options. These have wide mouths which make it easy to add ice. The way to smell a bourbon is to stick your nose in the glass, parting your lips as you inhale. It's a way of 'tasting' it as you smell it. 


Many bourbon enthusiasts like to experience every nuance of 'the nose,' picking up notes of vanilla, toasted nuts or cinnamon. The Glencairn Scotch Whiskey Glass is a good choice for bourbon lovers who like their aromas concentrated. 



The wide Glencairn glass is another good option. It's easy on the grip and allows for full appreciation of the color and aroma. 

Whichever glass you prefer for your bourbon, the important thing is to swirl, smell and taste. Drink slow and savor it. If done just right, it's good for the Southern soul...


Photos: Amazon,, Crate & Barrel     Content: Sweet Peach