Honeycomb Studio

Courtney Hamill has a pretty good gig. Working full-time in her backyard studio in Atlanta's West Midtown district, she handcrafts porcelain and stoneware pottery. I particularly love her antler series. Starting from above left is a real springbok antelope antler, Courtney's slip cast mold of it, then the final glaze with her signature gold tip. 

Courtney has found her niche in the market. As she recently shared, "There are very few well done ceramic horns and I don't know of anyone making porcelain antlers like this." Each antler is left hollow and is lightweight, making for a beautifully unique and decorative piece. This one is a small white-tailed deer antler

For this past holiday season, Courtney also crafted these decorative Turtle Doves, which have become quite popular. She particularly likes how good the doves look in multiples. Find them in black or white, here. 

Her studio is a work in progress but with the skylights and large windows, it offers incredible natural light. It's a tranquil area for an artist to work- and it's just a few footsteps from her back door. 

Courtney continues to expand her line of wares and has been playing with various sized vessels and holders, all of which I'd love for my own home. With an impressive collection created in just the past year, Courtney is an artist to watch. See her entire collection here.


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach