The Tiny House...

I'm a fan of Small Space, Big Style on HGTV and love the whole idea of a tiny house. I'm always trying to minimize my things and feel inspired by those who can do so in such a grand, disciplined way. 

Because of the economy and the need to downsize, tiny houses are not as uncommon as you'd think. There are blogs and tv shows and workshops...all about how to keep it sweet and simple.  

Handy (and tall) brothers, Adam and Aaron Leu recently built and sold their tiny home creation for $27,000 to a couple in Kentucky. 

Their tiny house creation is just 21 feet long and 130 square feet in living space, yet has all the amenities one may need to eat, sleep work and kick back. 

The brothers added pinewood flooring and custom made the cabinetry and countertops with 3/4" maple plywood. 

I like Adam's thoughts on designing for a minimal lifestyle, "The idea is that it is possible to live small. When you see how the majority of people live in the world, you realize that we're the ones that are different." Even if you prefer a bigger home, there are lessons to be learned on letting go of your stuff and being smart about utilizing your space. Here's some good tips on living small via Apartment Therapy. 

The loft is also covered in pine flooring and holds a queen size mattress.

Learn more about the work of Adam and Aaron here. Also, if you have some time, peruse, Tiny Texas Houses and Tumbleweed Houses for more info on how to make or buy your own tiny house. 


Photos:;; Apartment Thearpy    Content: Sweet Peach