Hayley Gaberlavage

Painter, Hayley Gaberlavage has found her niche in the art world. As she shares on her site, "In my paintings I comtemporize the out-dated." The subjects in her figurative work are of the everyday American, often older, without finesse. 

Yet, to me, the subjects all feel a bit fabulous too- the kind of people you want to sit and have a drink with and hear what they have to say.

Hayley explains her process, "With a sentiment for bygone attitudes and appearances, my acrylic on paper, canvas and panel paintings shimmy in two directions: towards the decorative, where I explore a longtime infatuation with design, and in a sociological portraiture where innocence is equally dispersed amongst irreverent youth and the blue collar Americana of my Alabama youth." 

Hayley resides on Magazine Street, an artsy ave in the heart of New Orleans. Colorful characters abound and she is grateful to never lack inspiration for her craft. 

I think I like her painting of Miss Hazel the best. Learn more about Hayley and her "contemporary, humorous, Americana and slightly southern style" here. 


Photos: Hayley Gaverlavage, Julia Millay Walsh    Content: Sweet Peach