Design by Tobi Fairley

I like this room for many reasons, but particularly because there is so much to take in...yet it's not overload. It's more of an adventurous, balanced design that you can really appreciate and learn from...

The design is by Tobi Fairley of Little Rock, Arkansas. She designs homes all across the country, but particularly here in the South. This is Energy House, part of an energy efficient, showcase home she designed near Hot Springs, Arkansas. I love the wall art, particularly the mismatched frames Tobi found, repaired and painted orange. Tobi, "Rather than being used to frame art, the frames are the art." 

Tobi began her design by choosing the color palette. She reupholstered vintage chairs with vibrant orange linen for a bold, visual impact and used aqua to add softness. 

Since this was an energy efficient home, much of the furniture was upcycled. Tobi, "People are always looking for ways to take older things and make them fresh again. That's a lot of what drove my design for this space." She added, "Nobody else is going to have your grandmother's furniture painted chartreuse. That is going to add so much personality to a space." 

Such an inspirational space. To see more of Tobi's home interior makeovers, peruse her portfolio...

Or check out her newly launched home design shop which includes fabrics, lighting and pillows that embrace lots of scrumptious, vibrant color. 


Photos: Nancy Nolan;  Tobi Quotes: Traditional Home Magazine    Content: Sweet Peach