Justin Gaffrey

I recently saw this artwork in a magazine and knew I had to find out who the artist was. Turns out he's a Southerner named Justin Gaffrey. He lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and his style, once you know it, is easily recognizable. 

His work is deeply textural and heavily influenced by the natural world around him. Justin's technique is most often described as sculpting with paint.

Justin works entirely with gobs of pure acrylic paints and a palette knife. This video is incredible as it shows a time lapse of him painting sunflowers blowing in the wind. I just watched it dead tired with a cup of hot tea and got a bit transfixed by it all, ha! (you'll see what I mean if you watch it) 

You can find Justin's work in galleries in Seaside, Florida as well as Blue Mountain Beach. Or contact him directly to inquire about a work. Peruse all his lovely paintings here, any of which would be a truly stunning addition to a home.


Photos: Jeffrey Gaffrey     Content: Sweet Peach