A Tacky Christmas

Although many of us are stuck on our own Christmas traditions, it's fun to mix things up a bit. So this year, while I'm visiting my close friends in Hermosa Beach, California where I used to live, I embraced whatever came my way, which just happened to be all things tacky and fabulous...

Bryce created a Tacky Christmas window in his popular beachside shop, Curious. Throughout December, his boyfriend Andrew took customer pics in front of the tree, (with a big bin of vintage sweaters and props for everyone to choose from). The room is full of tacky Christmas decor, all of which Bryce and Andrew found this fall during a road trip from Louisville, Kentucky to Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The idea was to find items that provoked nostalgia and Christmas comfort. They stopped at dozens of thrift stores along the way, piling up incredible finds. I especially like their Christmas tree ornaments that remind me of the ones I had as a a kid.  

How amazing is a rug made out of bad demin jeans? Bryce actually found this while perusing a magazine from one of his product reps. He knew he had to have it. It may be the tackiest rug ever made. 

Many try to make Christmas Martha-Stewart-perfect but where's the fun in that? Plus, it's all a bit pricey. Collecting items like these from yard sales and thrift shops allow for an unexpected experience, invoking lots of conversation and memories of a Christmas way back when. 

This picture Andrew cut out of a GQ Magazine and framed it. It's a perfect centerpiece for a tacky mantel. 

A good tip is to take items found that make a strong statement and then add silly things - like felted santas and elves and Christmas bows. Layer the textures and wackiness and enjoy. There's a lot of leeway when you're creating tacky decor...

May you all have a fabulous Christmas, no matter what your tradition. I just hope this inspires you to have a little fun with it. Thank you to my boys- Bryce, Jeremy and Andrew, and the animals- Jennifer, Fulton and Clyde.