Books! Selected by Nan Myers

When I walked into Nan Myers' shop, Firefly, last month, I was thrilled to see such a beautifully curated selection of books for both kids and adults. So when I was thinking of doing a day of book posts, I knew I had to include Nan's picks. Below are her current favorites, all of which would be amazing to give or to receive. And happy reading...the best present of all. 

1. A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life  2. Smoke  3.  Jasper Conrad, Country  4. Beauty Everyday  5. MAPS  6. Steal Like an Artist  7. Shake  8. Remodelista  9. The Kinfolk Table 


Nan has a soft spot for kid's books. She loves to find ones that are beautifully written and allow the imagination to run wild. Which may be why she's a tad obsessed with her favorite children's author and illustrator, Dahlov Ipcar.

Dahlov has been creating incredible stories and adventures for kids for over four decades. She still lives and paints in the 1860's farmhouse in Maine that she shared with her husband Adolf for nearly seventy years. Her work is now part of collections in numerous museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. My Wonderful Christmas Tree is a book to treasure and pass down, generation to generation. 


Here is a collection of lovely gifts Nan picked out that are inspired from My Wonderful Christmas Tree. From top left, Lavender plush unicorn; Gwendolyn Racoon; Woodland Ornament Collection; Flying Bird Botanical Herbal Teas; Plush Bunny; Tree in a Candle

Dahlov has over 30 books to choose from and they are as magical as the artist herself. Find your favorite and share with your little one. And may this bring a little magic to your Christmas...thank you Nan!