Abby Kasonik

When I first set my eyes on this painting, I was transfixed by its beauty and complexity and wanted to know more about the artist. Her name is Abby Kasonik and she's from Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Abby creates the most beautiful paintings that have a calm, dreamlike quality. As she is drawn to water, her images are dominated by clouds, weather and landscapes that demand your attention, then lure you into a meditative state if you're not careful. 

To achieve such layered, contemplative pieces, Abby builds her surfaces by alternating layers of acrylic paint and a glaze of clear pigment. Between layers, she adds water much like an eraser to form clouds, trees, mountains and landscapes. For the final step, she sprays water in a pattern of even lines that run down the canvas. She then seals it with a glaze coat. 

Her work is so good, I want to know more about her- the inspiration, the process for each and every piece. Perhaps someday...for now, I'm stuck staring into the endless expanse of space in each painting, feeling much admiration and respect. If you're sucked in like me, click here to see which of Abby's pieces are currently available. 


Photos: Southern Living     Content: Sweet Peach