Lisa Haddad

I love an art piece that takes you on a mini exploration. You enter into this other world, you feel a certain emotion, your eye is drawn to a certain path, you question what it all may mean... which is what I do each time I look at a painting by Lisa Haddad of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lisa, "These paintings begin as play- just combining colors the way I did as a child, for fun. Only after settling on the full palette do I start to paint onto the loose, unstretched canvas. Some compositions become tight arrays of shapes, but in the others, shapes fall apart into more chaotic relationships with each other." 

Lisa's impressive collage and mixed media work took shape as a child, when her mother would hand her packagings and pieces of cardboard and ask her to make something out of it. Lisa, "I believed that anything could be viewed or assembled artistically." 

Peruse all of Lisa's mixed media creations, here... and happy exploring. 


Paintings: Lisa Haddad      Content: Sweet Peach