Textiles, please...

Every once in a while, I like to check in with Mockingbird Domestics of Austin, Texas to see what fun, local fare they have for sale. I was happy to find Constance Garza textiles- via Garza Furniture in Marfa. So scrumptious...

At Mockingbird, you'll find a nice selection of Constance's hand dyed and sewn fabrics that would look so sweet upon a dining table. Particularly with your favorite cheese, wine and tasty tidbits... 

Perusing the Mockingbird site further, I found these herringbone guest towels that I may just have to purchase. I've been wanting to update my towel selection and after spending a couple months in Turkey last year, I've grown to love these super absorbant textiles that are so slim and stylish. These Turkish towels work excellent in the bath or as a tea or dish towel in the kitchen- via Scents & Feel of Miami.

Jeff and Laura Daly, the owners of Mockingbird Domestics, continue to amaze me. I'm blown away by their beautiful selection of goods- which also includes furniture, lighting, art and ceramics. I hope I can visit Austin someday soon, for when I do, my first stop will be here. In the meantime, their incredible site shall suffice. Enjoy...


Photos: Mockingbird Domestics     Content: Sweet Peach

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Sweet Peach we love you! Thank you for the spot light we are so grateful for the attention.

October 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLaura Daly

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