Shop Rethink

Just last month, I blogged about an incredible beach house in Tybee Island, Georgia. The designer of that lovely home, Joel Snayd, along with his wife, Erika, have recently created an online Etsy shop to showcase some of their favorite things they've either designed themselves, or found along the way. It's called Shop Rethink.

It's obvious that the pair love a good dose of color and it's well received on this blog. I love each of these everyday items that combine basic functionality with incredible modern style. 

I have to say, I have a weakness for a stylish bottle opener, and this certainly fits the bill, selling for $18. 

These metal drawer pulls (or wall hooks) were designed by the Rethink team and fabricated by a local metal worker. Each pull was carefully powder coated, in fun colors of course, and sell for $75 a pair. 


Photos: Rethink Design Studio    Content: Sweet Peach