Raw Cotton

My new obsession is raw cotton stalks. Native to many regions of the South, the large stalks look amazing in a vase atop a table or mantle. Plus, without an expiration date, they will last and last...

Cotton grows throughout the world but here in the US, you can find them growing in the Cotton Belt, which includes Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Florida. Cotton requires long periods of warm weather, water and fertile soil for optimum growth. 

The stalks look great cut for mason jars or placed directly on your table setting, as Beth Lord did when she recently created a winter solstice table. 

For a gathered bouquet, try adding some raw cotton for a light and pretty texture. They have a unique Southern charm, don't they? Try your local farmer's markets or florists to buy your own cotton stalks. Or the Etsy shop, Pattie's Passion from Florida sells individual stalks for $9 each. I found mine at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.


Photos: cocokelley.com; loveandlavender.com; anniesrubyslipperz.com; Etsy shop: Tall Cotton n Peas; teresasplants.com; tribune.com; kathyg.com    Content: Sweet Peach